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Is Toomer's Corner
Being Rolled Right Now?

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Using Canny edge detection and a little calculus, we're able to use footage of Toomer's Corner to automatically.. wait... autoMAGICally detect whenever Toomer's Corner is rolled. Sure you could just guess by who wins a football game but hey, what fun is that?


These apps were all written by current and former math PhD students at Auburn University. Our image detection is written in the Haskell functional programming language, while our frontend is an mix of Ruby and the completely unrecommended TPBaaS (Twitter-Powered-Backend-as-a-Service) programming pattern. Add a little Bash scripting to glue it all together, and baby, you've got a web app going.


Did you notice how all three of these headers started with AU? There wasn't an AU icon built into Font-Awesome but here's a thumbs up instead because we are font-AUsome. #WarEagle

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`git blame` these guys

Alex Byaly


Okay seriously, what's going on here?

Fair enough. We stuck the full technical details on our README page. By the way, we are open-source, so please feel free to contribute!

Unrolled image Quasirolled image Semirolled image Rolled image

First Place Winner from the Auburn, AL #SmartCityHack-athon.

February 20-22, 2015 | Auburn, AL

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